New TL 9000 R4.0 Handbooks

TL 9000 was developed by the Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications Forum (QuEST Forum) to meet the quality requirements of the worldwide telecommunications industry.

The TL 9000 Requirements Handbook establishes a common set of quality management system requirements (based on ISO 9001:2000) for suppliers of telecommunications products: hardware, software, and/or services.

The TL 9000 Measurements Handbook defines a minimum set of performance measurements that are used to evaluate results and identify improvement opportunities. All certified TL 9000 organizations are required to submit product measurements.

TL 9000 Requirements Handbook, Release 4.0

The new TL 9000 Requirements Handbook, R4.0, consists of all the ISO 9001:2000 requirements and 90 additional Tele-com requirements. All audits completed after July 1, 2007 must be performed to the R4.0 Requirements.

The upgrade to R4.0 may be done during a surveillance audit and does not have to be done during a certification or re-certification audit. Auditors must have delta training before conducting a third party audit to R4.0.

Summary of Changes
The ISO 9001:2000 base remains unchanged.

  • ~30% adders remain unchanged
  • ~30% adders with minor changes
  • ~40% adders with major changes or are new

These new and changed requirements were designed to:

  • Ensure intended results instead of specifying methods of doing
  • Emphasize design process quality measurements
  • Add required testing (regression, document verification, stress, abnormal condition and system), and
  • Broaden scope of certain requirements, e.g., from “software only” to “common” or, “hardware and software”

There was a net gain of 9 adders in TL 9000 for a total of 90 unique Tele-com requirements.

TL 9000 Measurements Handbook (Release 4.0)

All data as of July 2007 or later must be submitted according to this handbook. Auditors must have delta training conducting a third party audit to R4.0.

Summary of Changes
The basic measurements and reporting processing remains unchanged. There were minor modifications and clarifications to the common (NPR, FRT, OFR, and OTD) measurements, as well as, the field returns (FR) measurement.

The system outage (SO, SONE, EIO) measurements were simplified. The software (SFQ, SPR) measurements were considerably changed and shortened. The service quality (SQ) measurement was also simplified, applied to additional product categories, and changed to report defects.

To learn more about TL 9000, go to the Quest Forum web site.