Want to Comment on ISO 9001:2009?

The ISO 9000:2000 family of quality management system standards is being updated with an anticipated final release date in 2009. The updated standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 9004) are being released as committee drafts and available for review at the American Society for Quality (ASQ) web site.

Of course, the two documents are not intended to be used for quality system design purposes. As committee drafts, the two standards are offered only for public review and comment.

For ISO 9001, the requirements standard, the plan is to produce minor changes for clarification and compatibility with ISO 14001. Although the changes are expected to be minor, even small changes to the standard may dramatically impact your quality management system.

For ISO 9004, the guidelines document, the plan is to produce a major revision with its focus on providing guidance on organizational sustainability rather than performance improvement.

ASQ and the international standards developers are making these committee drafts available at this early stage in their development in an effort to determine if the direction of the two standards is on target with user needs.

Directions for users to follow in providing comments to the standards developers are included within the electronic document. All public comments need to be submitted before March 31, 2007.

The ISO 9001 draft includes yellow highlighted text to indicate the changed areas. However, the ISO 9004 draft is very different, uses a different clause structure, and does not include any highlighting of its changes.