PPAP Manual Available as e-Document

The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Fourth Edition Manual offered by AIAG is now available as an e-document.

The PPAP Manual was updated last year to align with the automotive process approach. The document sets forth requirements for production part approval, as defined by Chrysler Group, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors.

The purpose of PPAP is to determine if all customer engineering design record and specification requirements are properly understood by the supplier, as well as, that the process has the potential to produce product consistently meeting these requirements during an actual production run at the quoted production rate.

The errata sheet for the 4th Edition of the PPAP manual can be viewed at this AIAGweb page. The customer-specific requirements for use with the 4th Edition of the PPAP Manual can be viewed at these IAOB web pages:

General Motors 
Ford Motor Company

The PPAP e-document is available in single user and site license subscriptions. A single-user version allows you to save a copy of the document to one specific computer. A site license subscription allows you to save the file to your network so the file can be accessed by multiple employees.

To purchase an e-document subscription, go to www.aiag.org and click on e-documents. The PPAP Manual single-user version is sold at a list price of $129. Members can purchase the document at a discounted price of $99.

The site license version, benefiting companies with multiple document users, is available at a list price of $1,500. Member companies can purchase a site license subscription at a discounted price of $1,200.