TL 9000 R4.0 Requirements

The TL 9000 standard (based on ISO 9001:2000) specifies requirements for suppliers of telecommunications products: hardware, software, and/or services.

A summary document that identifies the unique TL 9000 Release 4.0 requirements has been placed in the Resources section of our web site. The ISO 9001:2000 clause numbers and titles have been boxed in the text to set them off from the TL 9000 R4.0 requirements. The ISO 9001:2000 requirements were not included since the focus of the document is on the TL 9000 R4.0 adders.

TL 9000 identifies its extra requirements as being C = Common, or specific to Hardware (H), Software (S), Services (V), or unique to Hardware-Software (HS) or Hardware-Services (HV). See a copy of the TL 9000 R4.0 Handbook for the full text of the actual TL 9000 R4.0 requirements.

For more information about the TL 9000 R4.0 Handbooks, see the article in our March 2007 newsletter. An excerpt from the summary document at our web site is shown below.

5.3 Quality Policy
5.4 Planning
5.4.1 Quality Objectives

5.4.1.C.1 Quality Objectives

Include quality targets for the measurements in the TL 9000 Measurements Handbook.

5.4.2 Quality Management System Planning

5.4.2.C.1 Long and Short Term Quality Planning

Include long and short-term plans with goals for improving quality and customer satisfaction. Monitor and report performance to these goals.

These plans must address the business factors relevant to the organization and its customers, including performance objectives established jointly with selected customers.

5.4.2.C.1 – Note 1

Example factors that might be considered for planning are cycle time, customer service, training, cost, delivery commitments, and product reliability.

5.4.2.C.1 – Note 2

Top management should demonstrate their active involvement in the long and short-term quality planning.