Quality Measurement Data Specification

According to AIAG News, automotive manufacturers and suppliers lose millions of dollars and weeks of product development time from the lack of interoperability from proprietary quality data collection solutions. The Quality Measurement Data (QMD) Specification enables the seamless exchange of quality measurement information between disparate and proprietary gages and reporting tools, solving this data integration problem by reducing as many as 1,500 data formats to one single open reporting format.

Currently, companies are forced to integrate data to or from numerous disparate data sources. These proprietary, integrated quality data collection solutions cost manufacturers and suppliers enormous amounts of money because of the lack of interoperability among gages and reporting tools.

Now, with the QMD Specification, gages will be able to exchange data used in Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) studies to different reporting tools. Developed in fully extensible XML XSD with an accompanying data dictionary, this document constitutes a common language for quality measurement. It describes a non-proprietary and open standard for variable, attribute, and binary quality measurement data. The QMD Specification helps companies recover some of the costs, wasted time, and resources from data integration by enabling gages to communicate with more reporting tools and reporting tools to accept data from more sources.

The publication is available in CD and electronic document formats for a list price of $78. AIAG members can purchase the QMD Specification at a discounted rate of $39. To purchase, visit the AIAG Web Site or call AIAG at 248-358-3003.

The QMD Specification has been tested and validated by many companies. For more information on the specification, visit the QMD Web Site.