Revisions for AS9100 Family of Standards

The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) is revising the IAQG 9100 family of standards. Since the IAQG 9100 standard is published as AS9100 in the USA, I will refer to it as AS9100 in the remainder of this article.

AS9100 uses ISO 9001:2000 as its foundation, with additional aerospace requirements highlighted in bold, italic type. The ISO 9001 standard is being amended with publication expected in May 2009. This revision is driving an update of AS9100.

According to Buddy Cressionnie in a recent Quality Progress article, the objectives for the AS9100 revision include improving supplier performance and customer satisfaction by:

  • Focusing on product quality and on-time delivery,
  • Allowing its common interpretation for auditors and organizations, and
  • Taking into account newly identified stakeholder requirements.

The first draft of the AS9100 revision is planned for later this year, with publication expected in mid-2009, depending on the release date of the ISO 9001 amendment.

The AS9110 (Maintenance Organizations) and AS9120 (Stockist Distributors) standards are undergoing a similar revision process. Since they use AS9100 as the baseline, they will trail the AS9100 revision by about six months and are expected to be released by the end of 2009.

AS9101 is a checklist that must be completed during other-party audits. It is being revised as a more process-oriented tool and to apply to AS9100, AS9110, and AS9120. The first draft of the revised AS9101 checklist is expected later this year. It will be introduced into the audit process as organizations make the transition to the 2009 versions of AS9100, AS9110, and AS9120.

AS9115 is a new international software quality standard and will be confined to “deliverable” software. It will be framed around the existing Americas standard, AS9006, and will bring in elements of European Technical Report TR9109, ISO 12207, and other standards. It is targeted for release in December 2008.