Free Online EMS 101

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) web site has an online EMS 101 course that provides an overview of an Environmental Management System. The course also covers how an EMS program can support environmental improvements at facilities that are subject to environmental regulations. The free course takes about one hour to complete.

In addition, the course describes the EPA’s involvement in supporting EMS efforts at facilities regulated under a number of environmental statutes, e.g., the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

The web-based EMS training course has four modules.

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: What is an EMS?
Module 3: EPA’s Perspective on EMS
Module 4: Benefits and Examples of EMS

Each web page contains directions that help you navigate through the course. Arrows on the bottom of each page control movement from page to page. “Main messages” pop up throughout the module to reinforce its learning objectives. And, a short quiz is included at the end of each module to test your knowledge of the materials.

While at the EPA’s home EMS Web Site, take the time to explore the other resources and publications available for your reference and use.