Top Ten OSHA Cited Violations

According to an article in Safety + Health magazine, the top ten violations cited during fiscal 2007 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) were:

1. Scaffolding: Failure to provide fall protection; failure to provide proper access; failure to provide adequate platform construction; failure to provide support scaffolding and guard rails.

2. Fall Protection: Failure to provide protection; failure to use fall arrest or safety net; failure to provide protection on roofs and wall openings.

3. Hazard Communication: Failure to maintain a written program; failure to provide training; failure to provide MSDS sheets for each chemical and maintain MSDS sheets in workplace.

4. Respiratory Protection: Failure to establish a program; failure to provide medical evaluation of ability to use respirator; failure to provide respirators and with tight-fitting face piece.

5. Lockout/Tagout: Failure to document and use procedures for control of potentially hazardous energy; failure to conduct periodic inspections; failure to provide training.

6. Powered Industrial Trucks: Failure to take damaged trucks out of service; failure to ensure operators can safely operate trucks; failure to certify operators are trained and evaluated.

7. Electrical – Wiring: Failure to close conductors and protect them from abrasion; failure to provide junction boxes with approved covers; failure to connect flexible cords to devices for strain relief.

8. Ladders: Failure to extend ladder side rails at least 3 feet above landing surface; failure to use on stable and level surfaces; use of top step of ladders as a step.

9. Machine Guarding: Failure to provide machine guarding; failure to anchor fixed machines.

10. Electrical – General Requirements: Failure to install and use electrical equipment per factory instructions; failure to guard equipment; failure to keep work spaces clear.

For more information on the most frequently cited violations for your industry sector, go to this page at the OSHA web site.