Small Business Disaster Guide

The Small Business Administration ( and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company have teamed up to launch a disaster planning guide for small business owners.

The 10-page brochure provides information that business owners need to develop an effective plan to protect customers and employees in the event of a disaster. The guide provides key disaster preparedness strategies to help small businesses identify potential hazards, create plans to remain in operation if the office is unusable, and understand the limitations of their insurance coverage.

The most successful recovery efforts are always preceded by good planning. The more preparation that businesses complete before a disaster, the better able they are to rebuild and reopen quickly after a disaster.

Disasters can have a devastating impact on small businesses. How quickly those businesses can get up and running after a disaster can have a significant impact on a community’s ability to recovery.

Understanding this, the SBA and Nationwide created this guide to help business owners get their arms around the disaster planning process, and convince them to mitigate their risk. An electronic version of the guide is available at thisĀ SBA Web Page.