Safer at Work or Home?

The idea of on-the-job safety has been incorporated into business policies and culture for decades. And, injuries at work have been lowered substantially. However, companies are now recognizing that a more serious threat exists: off-the-job injuries.

According to the National Safety Council, for every person killed at work, 11 are killed away from work. And, for every person suffering a disabling injury on the job, two people are similarly injured off the job.

Off-the-job injuries cause people to miss more than 3 times as many days from work as those suffered on-the-job. The cost of these off-the-job injuries exceeds those at work by $80 billion each year.

As a result of these statistics, organizations are now talking “Safety 24/7”. They recognize that safety awareness shouldn’t be turned off when an employee leaves for home.

To read more about off-the-job safety programs, see “Staying Clocked In”, an article written by Kyle Morrison, an associate editor with Safety + Health. For more information on the National Safety Council, which publishes Safety + Health, go to their web site:

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