Outsource Your Internal Audits?

If your internal audit program is difficult to manage, and you wonder about its effectiveness, maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing it.

We can maintain your audit schedule and assign experienced auditors to perform your internal audits. If an area needs to be audited more often based on the results, we adjust the audit schedule, but stay within the agreed to number of audit days.

By using our independent auditors, you may end up with more impartial and objective audits. And, you can keep your “volunteer” auditors at their regular jobs. Plus, our auditors focus on more than just conformity, they examine the effectiveness of the audited areas and identify opportunities for improvement.

We follow your current audit procedure and use its related forms. And, we’ll verify any corrective actions have been satisfactorily completed when we conduct your next audit. Our goal will be to find any process nonconformities before they are identified by your certification body, or worse yet, cause product or service nonconformities. Of course, all audits are limited in their coverage due to the sampling involved.

Our auditors will arrange to review the appropriate documents in advance and be well prepared to carry out an efficient audit. We treat your employees with respect and focus on the business process being performed, not just the clauses of the standard. Our nonconformity reports identify the applicable requirements, as well as, clearly and completely state the objective evidence.

If you’re tired of pleading for internal auditors to be made available, or weary of coaxing people to be trained as auditors, or question the value of your audit program, then request a quote for our services. And, you may like it so much, you’ll decide to have us also perform your second-party supplier audits.

To receive a quote, send me a note with your name, company, mailing address, telephone number, and email address.