Predictive Maintenance

Jonathan Katz begins his Industry Week article with the statement, “Plant floor machines have so much to say.” He goes on to explain that trapped inside every machine is a wealth of information that can tell maintenance technicians if small hiccups might develop into large problems.

Tapping into this machine information is becoming easier with predictive maintenance tools. Machine maintenance is evolving from prescheduled routine tasks to the use of more precise indicators that increase maintenance efficiency.

Scheduled maintenance is an effective way to reduce machine downtime and prevent costly repairs. However, it doesn’t take into account the ever-changing plant floor environment.

Technologies have been developed that use embedded machine sensors and remote monitoring to identify and prevent maintenance issues. These sensors collect data on variables such as temperature, vibration, and motor current.

With this information, you can gain insight into the rate of machine degradation and historical data can be used to predict future problems. To read the full article, seeMaintenance Seers at the Industry Week web site.