Webinars on Software Best Practices

The CAI’s IT Metrics and Productivity Institute is hosting a series of free weekly webinars on software best practices. Each webinar will feature an expert speaker who has extensively researched, and successfully applied, best practice principles to the development and maintenance of software.

For example, the webinars in August 2008 are:

8/13/08 – Root Cause Analysis: What Is It and How Do I Do It?
8/14/08 – Essential Measurements for Software Projects
8/19/08 – ITIL Early Adoptors: Initial Results
8/20/08 – IT Silver Bullets – Tools and Techniques
8/21/08 – Top 10 Pitfalls in Agile Software Development
8/26/08 – Best Practices for Determining Project Requirements
8/27/08 – How To Effectively Lead An Offshore Team

For detailed information on each webinar, including registration information, go to thisITMPI web site.