Whittington Speaker at ASQ Audit Conference

Audit Conference: Mastering the Game

The 17th Annual ASQ Audit Division conference will be held October 16-17, 2008 in the home of the historic Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Audits are more than a “game”, but there are some analogies we can draw that enable all of us, from beginner to “pro”, to improve our approach and execution. In short, “improving” or “mastering” our audit game.

Getting equipped: Just as a beginning golfer gets equipped with the basic clubs, spikes, and other gear, the beginning or novice auditor needs to “fill the bag” and get ready to play. This track or session will help the new auditor obtain the fundamentals to plan, conduct, report, and follow-up an audit.

Teeing Up: Golfers know a good clean drive is the start of enjoying a hole on the course. Auditors, too, know that preparation and the opening phases of an audit get the whole.

On the Fairway: Knowing the right club for the right lie in the fairway is important. Knowing the right tools, techniques, and approaches to use during an audit can make the entire process more effective and informative.

Out of the Rough: All does not go smoothly. Sometimes a well intentioned, considered shot goes astray and heads into the rough. An experienced auditor needs to know where the potential “traps”, “bunkers”, and “rough” spots lie, and how to get out of them, and better yet, how to avoid them.

The Short Game: After the drive and the fairway, the hole can be made or broken near and on the green. Auditors, too, know they need to be able to summarize the findings and recommendations and craft a cogent report for the auditee to make good use of the results. Closing meetings and effective follow-up and follow through are also important.

Leader Board: Every tournament establishes those that not only “make the cut”, but get on the “leader board” for the final rounds. This session/track is intended to vet those “leaders” in the audit field. Recognized, established authors and professionals will participate in an interactive exchange with the attendees on topics of timely interest and auditing issues.

The Keynote Speakers will be Steve Ettlinger, Paul Borawski, and Paul Palmes. Larry Whittington will present a session on “The Auditee Bill of Rights”. To register for the conference, go to this ASQ Audit Division Conference web site.