Employees are Biggest Security Threat

According to research by Secure Computing, 80% of IT directors said in a recent survey that insider threats were their biggest security danger.

Security problems created by employees are far more serious than the threats posed by external hackers and criminals, the new research reports.

Less than one in five respondents said external threats from hackers are more dangerous. This could be due in part to 37 % of respondents saying they have experienced a leak of sensitive information in the past year.

Email was identified by 34 % of respondents as the biggest current security risk to organizations, followed by VoIP (25 %), and browser-related threats (21 %). Despite this apparent confidence, however, four in five respondents feel they could be better prepared for web-borne threats.

Viruses topped the list of external threats for 31 % of respondents, followed by spam (18 %), and data leaks (14 %).

When asked to rank their biggest external security concerns, hackers are surprisingly the area of least concern. Less than a quarter of respondents feel that hacking is the biggest threat. Malware appears to be the major headache, with 56 % identifying it as their biggest worry.

For more information, see the article written by Robert Jaques at VNUNET.com, titled,“Staff More Dangerous than Hackers”.