The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) wants to ensure continual improvement in the aerospace supply chain by focusing on:

1. Details and appropriateness of nonconformities identified during an audit.

2. Depth and adequacy of the root cause analysis and related corrective action plan.

This IAQG activity was initiated because of the perception of poor root-cause analysis by AS9100 certified organizations, and the soft grading of findings by third party auditors.

As a result, IAQG now requires certification bodies to enter additional information into the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS), including:

  • The audit report
  • One corrective action report for each finding written during an audit
  • Corrective action plan with root cause analysis for each finding

So, if your AS9100 certification body didn’t in the past, it will now require a root-cause analysis and corrective action plan to be submitted for each nonconformity reported in an audit. The certification body will review your responses before the next audit and provide feedback on any inadequate root cause analysis or corrective action plan.

The certification body will upload the audit nonconformities and corrective action plans into the OASIS database. Since organizations control their own data in OASIS, they can determine who will have reviewing rights to this data.

OASIS Resources

To view the Supplier Chain Management Handbook, go to this IAQG Projects Web Page.

To view a list of published AS9100 family of standards, go to this IAQG Standards Web Page.