Need a Web Site?

Some of our newsletter readers are independent consultants. Do you need a web site to promote your services and attract more business?

Some of our readers work for small businesses. Does your company need an improved web site with an up-to-date and professional look?

Or, some of you may belong to an association, or volunteer for a non-profit organization. Does your group’s web site need to be updated with advanced features for better support?

For economical web site design and setup, I suggest you contact Frogtown Media. They quickly provide entry web sites for only $650, and $15 per month for hosting, email, and live support.

They provide a one-stop solution for everything you need to operate your web site, including domain name, hosting, support, maintenance, and upgrades.

They offer web site plans with unlimited web pages, search engine optimization, press releases, articles, blogs, image uploads, syndication feeds, newsflash, polls, members-only area, journals, and more.

Frogtown Media Web Design, based in North Georgia, can also add special web site features such as event registration, shopping carts, and credit card payments. You can see examples of their work at Frogtown Media Web Design, call them at 678-947-6188, or send an email to