CMMI vs. ISO 9001

The Software Engineering Institute published a March 2009 report, CMU/SEI-2009-SR-005, that compares CMMI-Development, v1.2, to the ISO 9001:2000 international quality standard. Since the more recent ISO 9001:2008 edition didn’t add any new requirements or clause numbering to ISO 9001:2000, the SEI comparison remains valid.

The report is meant for anyone with knowledge of either the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI ) Product Suite or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000 family of standards, that is interested in learning more about the other process standard.

The CMMI-DEV, v1.2, comparison to ISO 9001:2000 notes their similarities and differences. SEI points out that the report is not intended to be an exhaustive or authoritative comparison, nor does it provide specific guidance for deciding which model or standard to adopt.

Organizations that are implementing both ISO 9001 and the CMMI Development model will benefit from understanding the areas that are covered fully by both bodies of knowledge, as well as, areas not covered by both. While the two bodies of knowledge were developed independently and for different purposes, they have important connections and are largely consistent with each other.

The report is organized into four sections. The first section provides a brief overview of the report’s focus and organization. The next two sections describe the two bodies of knowledge, i.e., the world of ISO 9000 and the world of CMMI-DEV. The final section provides a comparative analysis of the two bodies of knowledge. Finally, the appendices identify the report contributors, acronyms, terminology differences, resources, and references.

You can download the free, 70 page report in PDF format from thisĀ SEI web page.