CMMI for Services

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) for Services, known as CMMI-SVC, is a new model that provides guidance to service organizations for establishing, managing, and delivering services. The model focuses on service provider processes and integrates bodies of knowledge that are essential for successful service delivery.

Service organizations are 80% of the world economy. In these lean times, they can benefit by using process improvement to make the most of their resources to achieve desired business results. The new CMMI-SVC is a guide to help service organizations reduce costs, improve quality, and improve the predictability of schedules.

CMMI-SVC provides best practices that service providers can use when they need to:

  • Decide what services they should be providing, define standard services, and let people know about them
  • Make sure they have everything they need to deliver a service, including people, processes, consumables, and equipment
  • Get new systems in place, change existing systems, retire obsolete systems, all while making sure nothing goes terribly wrong with the service
  • Set up agreements, take care of service requests, and operate service systems
  • Make sure they have the resources needed to deliver services and that services are available when needed at an appropriate cost
  • Handle what goes wrong and prevent it from going wrong in the first place, if possible
  • Ensure they are ready to recover from potential disasters and get back to delivering services if a disaster occurs

The Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) is an appraisal method designed to evaluate an organization’s processes using a CMMI model, including CMMI-SVC. This method is applicable to serve a wide range of purposes, including internal process improvement and external capability determinations. SCAMPI A appraisals are officially recognized appraisals that result in benchmark quality ratings (e.g., maturity levels). SCAMPI B and SCAMPI C are less rigorous appraisals designed to provide information on the approach to process improvement or the status of process improvement implementations.

The current SCAMPI appraisal method is applicable to version 1.2 of the CMMI-SVC, CMMI-ACQ, and CMMI-DEV models. However, no SCAMPI A appraisals using CMMI-SVC will be accepted by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) for the first six months after the model’s release. In other words, SCAMPI A appraisals will only be accepted with an on-site start date of August 26, 2009 or later. Other classes of appraisals (SCAMPI Bs & Cs) may be used during the first six months to monitor process improvement progress.

To download a free copy of the CMMI-SVC v1.2 model, go to thisĀ SEI web page.