AS9101D Checklist

Bob Parsons with NQA recently published an article in the NQA Update Newsletter explaining the delay in releasing the AS9101D checklist, and therefore, the delay in AS9100C certifications. An edited version of his article, along with information from the NQA website, appears below.

The AS9100 Revision C standard was released in January 2009, but to date, no organizations have been registered to it. This holdup is due to the delay in releasing the accompanying AS9101D checklist standard.

The new checklist will replace the AS9101C checklist used by 3rd party auditors. The current checklist breaks down the AS9100B standard into question form and encourages the auditor to verify the conformity of a process to the applicable aerospace requirements. The new AS9101D checklist will require the auditor to verify the “effectiveness” of a process, not just conformity.

This simple concept change actually represents a monumental shift in the way an auditor is required to document the results of an aerospace audit. The rewrite for the new AS9101D checklist is extensive and it will have a totally different look when compared to the current checklist, therefore, feedback within the aerospace community has been significant and the AS9101D release date has yet to be determined.

Since the AS9100C standard is tied to the AS9101D checklist, the consensus within the aerospace industry is that it will not be before 1st quarter of 2010, at the earliest, before any organization can be registered to the requirements of the AS9100C standard.

Since ISO 9001:2000 expires in November 2010, the timeline for organizations to upgrade their certifications to AS9100C (and ISO 9001:2008), may only be a few months. As a result, the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) issued Resolution 55 that allows organizations meeting the requirements of both AS9100B and ISO 9001:2008 to have both standards included on their certificate of registration.

Rather than wait for AS9100C to incorporate ISO 9001:2008, you can maintain your current AS9100B certification and transition to ISO 9001:2008 now.