Critical Safety Items

AS9017:2009, Control of Aviation Critical Safety Items, is now available. It is intended to prescribe consistent requirements for CSI management for organizations and suppliers who perform work for prime contractors receiving direct contracts from U.S. government agencies.

The contractor, which receives the initial government contract, will receive their CSI requirements directly from the U.S. government agency and be required to maintain a CSI management system that ensures compliance to all requirements.

The flow down of this standard is in addition to any specific contract clauses, e.g., Federal Acquisition Regulations, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations, required by the government to be flowed to sub-tier sources.

The standard will be auditable with the expectation that the prime contractor will flow CSI requirements to the supply chain and periodically assess, audit, validate, and recognize compliance to AS9017 per their own processes. All manufacturers of CSIs must comply with the requirements of AS9100 or a technically equivalent quality management system standard.

Special process suppliers may meet this quality management system requirement through their Nadcap certification. Any operation, process, or other action associated with the new manufacture of any CSI must only be performed by sources meeting the applicable requirements of AS9017.

You can order AS9017 at this SAE web page.