On-time Delivery

The QuEST Forum is a unique collaboration of service providers and suppliers dedicated to improving quality and performance in the telecommunications supply chain. The QuEST Forum has helped unify the global telecom community through the implementation of TL 9000, a telecom-specific quality standard that builds on ISO 9001.

TL 9000
The performance data requirement of TL 9000 sets it apart from other quality management standards. TL 9000 certified organizations must submit TL 9000 measurement data using predefined counting rules to the QuEST Forum’s partner, the University of Texas at Dallas. Security and anonymity are maintained during the submittal, storage, and reporting of all TL 9000 measurement data.

Through the compilation of industry statistics, such as industry average, best-in-class, and worst-in-class, the measurement data enables QuEST Forum members to identify opportunities for improvement, as well as, compare themselves to their competitors and set meaningful improvement goals. Furthermore, an organization’s quality management system based on TL 9000 serves as a platform to support the continual improvement of these measurements.

The QuEST Forum commissioned the publication of a study to ascertain the state of telecom quality as evidenced by the TL 9000 measurement data. Since the amount of TL 9000 data covers 47 TL 9000 measurements, 126 product categories, and 869 registrations, as a starting point, the study focused on a single TL 9000 measurement, On-Time Delivery, across a sample of representative product categories for the two-year period, 2007-2008.

Over the study period, the average on-time delivery improved from 75% to 81%. The range of results improved from (31% to 98%) to (72% to 99%). The Worst-In-Class average improved from 30% to 54%. To see the full report, go to this TL 9000 web page.

A major premise behind QuEST Forum’s inception was that as organizations used TL 9000 data to drive improvement, the net effect over time would be an overall improvement in the quality of the telecom industry. Based on the study results, it appears the founding intent of the QuEST Forum and TL 9000 – to improve telecom quality – is being realized.

The study also vividly illustrates the importance of the TL 9000 measurements and the valuable insight they can provide. Without a common measurement system the study would not have been possible. The TL 9000 measurements provided for the secure collection of anonymous data both derived using accepted definitions and reported in a common format.

While many certified organizations that faithfully use TL 9000 attest to the improvements in quality derived from utilizing TL 9000, this study confirms these statements. The benchmark data derived from the TL 9000 measurement data will hopefully be used to drive meaningful improvement targets for certified organizations and the industry as a whole.