AS91xx Transition

Supplemental rules for the transition to AS9100, AS9110, and AS9120, including the implementation of AS9104/1 and use of the updated AS9101, were published by the IAQG-OPMT last month. These rules support the transition timeline described in our December 2009 newsletter.

The rules apply to the following:

1. Sector Management Structure (SMS)
2. Accreditation Bodies (ABs)
3. Auditor Authentication Bodies (AABs)
4. Authenticated Aerospace Auditors (AAs and AEAs)
5. Training Provider Authentication Bodies (TPABs)
6. Training Providers (TPs)
7. Certification Bodies (CBs)
8. Organizations seeking certification to the AS91xx:2009 standards

The rules for groups 4 and 8 are described below. You can read the full document at this Rules for AS91xx Transition web site.

4. Authenticated Aerospace Auditor (AA & AEA) 
All currently authenticated auditors are required to take the AS9100:2009 sanctioned training by a TPAB approved TP. All currently authenticated auditors are required to take the sanctioned training for all other standards the auditor is authenticated to, i.e., AS9110:2009 and/or AS9120:2009.

Auditors must provide evidence of successful completion of the sanctioned training to the AAB that has their existing authentication. Auditors must successfully complete the AS91XX:2009 sanctioned training prior to conducting any AS91XX:2009 audits. Auditors not authenticated for the AS91XX:2009 standards as described above will no longer be able to do Aerospace QMS audits as of 1 July 2011.

8. Organizations seeking certification to the 91xx:2009 AQMS standards 
Organizations must formally declare to their CB conformance to 91XX:2009 prior to the CB conducting 91XX:2009 audits. Organizations that have not been certified to the 91XX:2009 AQMS standard by 1 July 2012 will have their certificate withdrawn from OASIS.