Audit Conference

The 19th Annual ASQ Audit Conference will be held on October 7-8, 2010 at the Hilton Hotel at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. The conference will focus on auditing as a pivotal tool to improve business performance through added-value, effective negotiation and decision making.

It will be an opportunity to learn the tools and applications of quality improvement, how auditing impacts the overall performance of your business, and how to expect the unexpected. Auditors of all experience levels will be exposed to fresh ideas and new techniques they can implement immediately.

The focus areas include:

1. Magnify the View 

Auditors add fresh eyes and expertise to the wealth of tools available to management for effective decision-making. Learn what to expect during and after audits: audit planning, audit strategies, auditor selection, audit checklists, non-conformities, audit reporting, audit effectiveness checks, audit challenges, and other audit expectations in different types of industries.

2. Do You See What I See? 

Auditing and quality tools have a value-added impact on overall business performance. Learn about auditing tools, quality tools, statistics, communications, negotiation skills and all the other tools used by auditors to improve auditing skills and audit performance, and see how these tools can magnify the success of your organization.

3. Rose-Colored Glasses 

Special issues can come up in auditing, and blur the vision we have of outcomes and performance. Learn to recognize, work through and expect unexpected audit considerations such as ethical and legal challenges, regulatory challenges, cultural differences, international concerns, crisis management, difficult negotiations, effective decision-making and more.

4. Do You Have the Right Prescription? 

Expecting the unexpected is an important step in improving overall business performance. This starts with audit and quality improvement strategies. Learn about the business needs for audits, audit program strategies, quality improvement tools, reducing the cost of quality through auditing, and other performance improvement methodologies and objectives.

Early-bird ASQ members can register for $750. If you aren’t an ASQ member, you can register for $825 and also receive a full year of Audit Division member benefits. You can register at the Audit Conference web site. I hope to see you in Orlando.