MSA Changes

Our last newsletter announced that the Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) Reference Manual had been updated. The new 4th edition has added examples to help understand the basic measurement fundamentals, as well as:

  • Improvements to the table of contents to aid in manual usage
  • Clarification of the relationship between calibration and MSA
  • Clearer definition of the measurement decision
  • Improved sections on bias and linearity
  • Improvements to the attribute and non-replicable (i.e., destructive) testing section

These changes have helped to make the manual an improved asset for the understanding of measurement systems and the use of those systems to improve quality and services. As mentioned last month, the document was jointly developed by Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors Company to provide guidance to their automotive suppliers.

You can begin using the 4th Edition of the MSA reference manual immediately. The 240 page document can be ordered at this web page of the AIAG web site. The electronic version can be ordered at this web page.

As a reminder, the MSA 4th Edition is used as a reference document to provide guidance in the application of ISO/TS16949 compliance, unless otherwise specified by the customer. The applications in the manual are recommended, however alternative methods are acceptable as long as they meet the intent.