ISO 20000-5: 2010

ISO/TR 20000-5:2010, Information Technology – Service Management – Part 5: Exemplar Implementation Plan for ISO 20000-1. 

The new ISO/TR 20000-5 standard is a model implementation plan that provides guidance on how to implement a service management system that meets the requirements of ISO 20000-1. It also includes recommendations on a suitable order in which to plan and implement improvements.

The standard suggests a generic three-phase approach be used to implement a service management system. The phased approach provides a structured framework to prioritize and manage the implementation activities.

ISO/TR 20000-5 includes advice on development of a business case, the start-up project, and a list of the main activities required to implement ISO 20000-1 successfully for each phase. It also provides supporting information, advice, and guidance that may be useful for the implementation project, including developing objectives, developing policies, document and record management, and sample process documentation.

ISO/TR 20000-5:2010 is for guidance only. A service provider obviously has the option of choosing their own implementation sequence to implement a service management system.

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ISO 20000-1, Specification; ISO 20000-2, Code of Practice; ISO/TR 20000-3, Guidance; and ISO/TR 20000-5 Guidance are available from the ANSI Standards Store.