Integrated System

I have developed an integrated quality, environmental, and safety requirements course based on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 standards. This 1.5 day onsite course presents the requirements in ISO 9001 clause sequence, with the related ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements included at the applicable spots.

As an example, the ISO 9001 requirements for Internal Audit, clause 8.2.2, are shown below, along with the Internal Audit requirements for ISO 14001, clause 4.5.5, and OHSAS 18001, clause 4.5.5.

Each requirement is individually coded to indicate the source. Q represents a Quality requirement, E denotes an Environmental requirement, and S is for a Safety requirement.

QES Conduct internal audits at planned intervals

QES Determine if system conforms to:

QES – Planned arrangements

QES – Requirements of Standard

Q – Organization requirements

QES Determine if system is:

Q – Effectively implemented and maintained

ES – Properly implemented and maintained

ES – Provides information on audit results to management

S – Effective in meeting policy and objectives

QES Plan the audit program to consider:

Q – Status and importance of processes and areas

E – Environmental importance of operations

S – Results of risk assessments of activities

QES – Results of previous audits

QES Define audit criteria and audit scope

QES Define audit frequency and audit methods

QES Select auditors and conduct audits to ensure:

QES – Objectivity and impartiality

Q Do not, as an auditor, audit your own work

QES Establish (documented) procedure to define responsibilities and requirements

S and competencies for:

QES – Planning audits and conducting audits

QES – Establishing records and reporting results

Q Ensure corrections and corrective actions are taken without undue delay to eliminate detected nonconformities and their causes (by management responsible for the audited areas)

Q Follow up to verify actions and report results

If you would like to receive our 9001-14001-18001 Correspondence Table, one of the course handouts, please let me know ( and I’ll email you a copy.

This 1.5 day Integrated Requirements course can be taught standalone or as part of our Integrated Auditing course with the following format:

Day 1 – AM: Integrated Requirements
Day 1 – PM: Integrated Requirements

Day 2 – AM: Integrated Requirements
Day 2 – PM: Integrated Auditing

Day 3 – AM: Integrated Auditing
Day 3 – PM: Practice Audit Planning

Day 4: Practice Audit

If you are interested in having the Integrated Requirements (1.5 days) and Integrated Auditing (1.0 days) taught at your facility, contact me at Please note the practice audit planning and audit (1.5 days) after the training is optional, but recommended.