Lean Six Sigma

We are offering a new 8-day “Lean Six Sigma Facilitator Certificate” course spread across two weeks (June 13-16, 2011 and July 11-14, 2011) and taught in Norcross, GA. The course is offered in partnership with the Institute of Industrial Engineers and provides 5.60 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Course Description
Begin your journey to becoming a skilled lean facilitator in transactional, service, analytical, and creative environments with this certificate program. Learn how to lead improvement teams, achieve rapid and sustainable results, and deal effectively with resistance to change through the use of effective facilitation skills.

This course provides development both as a lean practitioner and an improvement facilitator in activities ranging from value stream mapping and strategic improvement planning to tactical implementation. The primary focus of the course is on the art and science of effective facilitation of teams to achieve sustainable results.

Student Project
Students will be required to facilitate a four-hour simulated meeting session during Week Two of the course to demonstrate effective facilitation skills that result in achievement of the session purpose. The student’s meeting topic and agenda will be determined during Week One.

Topic Highlights

  • Review of lean enterprise principles
  • Review of Six Sigma principles
  • Review of lean and Six Sigma tools
    • 1. Current and future state value stream management
    • 2. Tools for creating flow and problem solving
    • 3. Metrics-based process mapping
    • 4. Improvement event planning, execution, and follow-up
    • 5. Performance measurement
  • Culture and change leadership
  • The art of engagement
  • Team development
  • Effective facilitation skills and tools

What You Will Learn

  • Lead improvement teams
  • Plan and execute improvement events that generate rapid and sustainable results
  • Select and apply the lean and other improvement tools most appropriate for particular improvement needs
  • Conduct effective root cause analyses to help improvement teams avoid band-aid solutions
  • Use key metrics to eliminate waste, design effective processes, and monitor ongoing performance
  • Translate improvements into financial terms
  • Transform leadership into effective continuous improvement champions
  • Leverage human nature to shift organizational culture and set the stage for operational excellence

Course Fee The price for the two four-day sessions is $3145.

Course Enrollment To enroll in the Lean Six Sigma Facilitator Certificate course, please visit our Six Sigma Training page. Please note that payment is not requested during the online enrollment process. If you have any questions, please contact us at larry@whittingtonassociates.com or 770-517-7944.

Corporate Training This course is also available as a corporate training program and can be customized to meet your company’s needs. For more information, contact us at larry@whittingtonassociates.com or 770-517-7944.