TickITplus for IT

TickITplus is the successor of TickIT and is designed to meet the diverse needs of the IT industry, demonstrating compliance to a best-practice model and a capability dimension to ISO 15504 (Process Assessment).

The key features of TickITplus include:

  • Entry level access to capability grading for small IT organizations.
  • ISO 9001 certification linked with capability grading gives access to stricter procurement processes.
  • The option of incorporating additional IT standards under one accredited certificate, such as ISO 20000 and ISO 27001.
  • A defined process model covering the whole range of IT activities, not just software development.
  • Cost savings for those organizations already pursuing both ISO 9001 and Capability Maturity Measurements.

The principal feature of TickITplus, however, is the grades, which are based around the process capabilities described in ISO 15504-2:

  • Foundation – this is the basic grade. Processes have to be modeled, but are not capability assessed.
  • Bronze – equates to the Managed level 2 and ensures processes are operated with planned, monitored, and adjusted management.
  • Silver – equates to the Established level 3 and ensures that processes are capable of achieving their outcomes in terms of definition and deployment.
  • Gold – equates to the Predictable level 4 and ensures that processes operate within predicted parameters.
  • Platinum – equates to the Optimizing level 5 and ensures that quantified measures and improvements are applied to key processes.

It is these maturity levels that define, under ISO 9001 certification, how well organizations are managing their IT processes.

For customers, TickITplus can be used as a measure of a supplier’s process capability and maturity, especially in procurement selection, to reduce risk. For organizations implementing TickITplus, business risk is reduced as a result of increased capability, embedded best practice, and creation of a culture of continuous improvement.

TickITplus includes ISO 9001 approval, with the capability dimension of TickITplus enabling access to markets requiring ISO15504 compliance, such as CMMI and SPICE.

For more information on the TickITplus scheme, go to the TickITplus web site.