Employee Orientation

Does your organization have a new employee orientation program? It should. Orientation has proven to be a critical element in retaining employees. The key reasons for orientation are to:

1. Shorten the time to get employees up to speed.
2. Lessen the anxiety when entering a new situation.
3. Reduce employee turnover with tools to succeed.
4. Convey job expectations and positive attitudes.

An effective orientation program can make a significant difference in how quickly a new employee becomes productive.

As part of new employee orientation, you may want to answer these quality-related questions for them:

  • Why are quality products and services so important?
  • Why are we certified to this quality standard?
  • What is my role in the quality management system?
  • What are the key performance measures for my area?

Also, explain that they will be expected to:

  • Follow their procedures and instructions
  • Ensure customer requirements are met
  • Capture and maintain the needed records
  • Be prepared for internal audit at any time
  • Suggest possible process improvements

New employees should complete an orientation program to help them adjust to their jobs, understand expectations, and begin with a positive work attitude. It is important to convey your commitment to quality, improvement, and continual learning.