Mike Harrison

Mike is an Exemplar Global certified AS9100 and AS9120 Auditor. He has conducted numerous AS9100, AS9110, and AS9120 audits for multiple certification bodies.

Mike worked for NASA for more than sixteen years in a variety of assignments. He has certified test reports and the readiness of hardware and software for delivery and use. He has assured adherence to approved design standards, written test plans, and conducted inspections.

Mike has performed evaluations of contractor processes and documentation related to the assembly, test, and checkout of payloads on the Scout, Delta, Atlas, and Titan rockets. He also performed evaluations on Space Labs, Hubble Telescope, MIR Space Station, and Middeck experiments.

Mike has conducted surveillance audits on contractor operations during receipt, storage, activation, assembly, test, checkout, and modification of flight and associated ground support equipment while at the Western Test Range (Vandenberg AFB), Cape Canaveral AFS (ELV), and Kennedy Space Center.

Mike is a Master Scuba Instructor and has a Private Pilot’s License.