Aerospace Handbook

The Supply Chain Management Handbook provides guidance materials to continuously improve On-Time, On-Quality Delivery throughout the entire value stream. Its objective is to help the supply chain improve their quality performance through better understanding of aviation, space, and defense industry quality management system requirements and expectations.

The Handbook was initially released in October 2008 and is being updated as changes/improvements are identified and new material is developed by IAQG member company subject matter experts. The Handbook is provided at no cost to organizations at all levels throughout the supply chain, including customers.

The chapters of the Handbook are structured around the eleven elements of a supply chain business process model covering the entire product lifecycle:

  1. Sales & Scheduling
  2. Requirement Flowdown
  3. Design & Develop
  4. Sourcing Selection
  5. Plant, Skills, & Planning
  6. Order Management & Logistics
  7. Manufacturing & Inspection
  8. Suppler Management
  9. Control of NC, PA/CA
  10. Customer Support
  11. Business Processes

The currently available sections are:

  • Configuration Management -Chapter 11.3
  • Contract Requirements and Flowdown -Chapter 2.1
  • First Article Inspection FAI -Chapter 7.2
  • Foreign Object Debris -Chapter 7.3
  • Maturity Model Supplier Selection & Capabilities Assessment -Chapter 4.1
  • Non-Conforming Product Guidance Material -Chapter 9.2
  • Notice of Change NOC (AS9016) Support Material & Tool -Chapter 8.1
  • Product Performance Detailed Assessment Checklists -Chapter 4.2
  • Quality Aspects of New Product Development -Chapter 3.1
  • Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving -Chapter 9.1
  • Risk Management -Chapter 11.2
  • Software 9115 Guidance Material -Chapter 3.3
  • Special Requirements and Critical Items -Chapter 3.2
  • Supplier Quality Management Basics -Chapter 8.2
  • Variation Management of Key Characteristics -Chapter 7.1
  • Work Transfer Management Procedure -Chapter 11.1
  • 9100C Deployment Support Material -Appendix 2
  • PCAP 101 Competence Management Guideline Link -Appendix 3

You can access the Handbook at this web page of the IAQG web site.

The purpose of the guidance material in the Handbook is to assist organizations with understanding the various topics and is not intended to be requirements or to be auditable. Use of the guidance material does not ensure compliance to any referenced quality management system standards.