AS91xx Transition

The IAQG Other Party Management (OPMT) has updated the Supplement Rules Document (SR001) that provides transition requirements for all stakeholders (e.g., Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies, Certified Organizations). The document was updated to incorporate the IAQG Executive Committee’s decision to adjust the consequences for not meeting the July 1, 2012 transition target date.

The IAQG Executive Committee’s decision resulted in the following changes:

1. The July 1, 2012 target remains in place, but the suspension process will be used instead of withdrawal.

2. The previous revision of the AS9100/9110/9120 standards will not be cancelled on July 1, 2012. Standards cancellation will occur in 2013.

3. Certified organizations that have not had their on-site audit activity to the AS9100/9110/9120:2009 standards completed by July 1, 2012 shall have their certificate suspended. Suspension status will remain in effect until transition is completed or the certificate is withdrawn.

4. There will be no AS9100/9110/9120:2009 transition audits after January 1, 2013. Failure to complete the on-site audit activity to the AS9100/9110/9120:2009 standard by that date will result in certificate withdrawal from OASIS. If an organization’s certificate is withdrawn, the initial certification process must be completed before a new certificate can be issued.

In addition to the updated rule, this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link can also be used to further clarify the rules for transition.