Ten Commandments

These Ten Commandments for top management are based on ISO 9001, clause 5, Management Responsibility, and were presented by Rick Giguere at a conference in Tampa this year for National Quality Assurance (NQA) auditors.
I. Thou shalt be committed to your quality management system and continually strive to improve its effectiveness, (5.1).

II. Thou shalt aim to enhance customer satisfaction, (5.2).

III. Thou shalt believe in your quality policy and foster an environment for others to believe, (5.3).

IV. Thou shalt live your quality policy by establishing meaningful objectives for the organization to strive for, (5.4.1).

V. Thou shalt maintain the integrity of your quality management system in good times and bad, (5.4.2).

VI. Thou shalt empower others appropriately and openly, (5.5.1).

VII. Thou shalt appoint one from among you to serve as a prophet, (5.5.2). He shall be free to “tell it like it is”, without fear of retribution.

VIII. Thou shalt foster an environment of openness and awareness, (5.5.3).

IX. Thou shalt listen to the voice of your prophet, for he is the bearer of truth (5.6.1).

X. Thou shalt heed the voice of your prophet and let your actions speak louder than your words (5.6.2, 5.6.3).