Counterfeit Parts

(This article is reprinted with permission from the NQA Update Newsletter)

In the past, we have published two articles about counterfeit parts, their impact on businesses, and what the industry is doing about addressing this growing concern. In light of the fact that the AS6081 standard is still in draft form, but the accreditation rules for that standard are in the course of being drafted, we are republishing both of those articles again here.

Counterfeit Parts Impacting Product Quality, by Kevin Beard

Counterfeit Parts Impacting the Global Supply Chain, by Kevin Beard

As a refresher, the AS5553 standard was created to provide uniform requirements, practices, and methods to mitigate the risks of receiving and installing counterfeit electronic parts, whereas the AS6081 standard was created to provide uniform requirements, practices, and methods to mitigate the risks of purchasing and supplying counterfeit parts. In short, if you manufacture product with purchased electronic components, the AS5553 standard is for you. Conversely, if you supply electronic components, the AS6081 standard is the one you will want to become familiar with.

Here we say you should be familiar with these two standards only because neither standard is accredited. Though the AS5553 standard has been published, it is not yet an accredited standard and therefore, NQA cannot provide your company with a certificate. The AS6081 standard is still in draft form but since the accreditation rules are in the process of being written right now, which is a milestone for any standard, it is expected that 3rd party certification bodies like NQA will be auditing to that standard in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, please review the aforementioned articles hyperlinked above for a refresher on the counterfeit parts problem and the solutions offered by the AS5553 and AS6081 standards. Also, as more information becomes available on the status of either of these standards, we will communicate that information to you in our newsletters. For further information on either of these standards or to add your organization’s name on a list of those who want to be early adopters of either standard, please contact Kirsten Smith, Director of Business Development, (978) 635-9256 ext. 223 or