Enterprise Quality

The American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC), a nonprofit membership organization specializing in process improvement and benchmarking, released a research-based report, “Using Enterprise Quality Measurement to Drive Business Value,” outlining what it described as eight “imperatives” for an enterprise quality function.

The eight imperatives, described as stepping stones in the emerging enterprise quality discipline, are:

1. Align enterprise quality with strategic goals and initiatives.

2. Establish structures and resources to get the desired results.

3. Create supporting policies, procedures and tools.

4. Select, define and standardize quality measures across the enterprise.

5. Allow business-unit leaders to establish the performance targets for enterprise quality measures.

6. Report enterprise measures at least quarterly at the CEO level. Boost it to monthly for business-unit leaders and more frequently for lower staff levels.

7. Design quality measures to focus on value-added quality activities and core strategic objectives. Align them with customer expectations, which occur not only in the delivery process. The report also mentions linking quality measures to compensation.

8. Use measures to promote a culture of quality. Celebrate achievements and promote challenging goals.

You can view a free overview of the report at this web page.