December, 2012 Newsletter Articles

AIAG Quality Guides

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Quality capability and capacity in the supply chain are common concerns across manufacturing sectors. Decades ago, the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) brought the domestic automakers together to develop common quality methods and tools for the supply chain. These became known as the Core Tools, i.e., SPC, MSA, FMEA, APQP, and PPAP. These tools are now being used by other manufacturing sectors, e.g., Aerospace, Defense, and Pharmaceuticals. Later AIAG work produced the quality standards QS-9000 and its successor, ISO TS/16949. The...

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OEE = A x P x Q

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Operating equipment effectiveness (OEE) is the percentage of time that equipment, when running or required for production, is producing good-quality products at an acceptable rate. It is the product of three ratios: availability, performance, and quality. OEE = Availability X Performance X Quality Availability = Machine availability as a percentage of scheduled uptime Performance = Percentage of optimal production rate at which equipment operates Quality = Quality yield percentage of all products for a given line Industry Week says the average...

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IT Security Survey

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The “2012 Global Information Security Survey” by Ernst & Young found cloud computing to be one of the main drivers of business model innovation and IT service delivery. Of the 1,850 chief information officers and chief information security officers that participated in the survey, 59% said they use or plan to use cloud services. However, 38% admitted they have not taken any measures to mitigate risks. Many CIOs and CISOs are struggling to adapt security practices to a changing environment that includes cloud computing, social...

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Audit Sampling

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Auditors know it may not be practical to examine all available evidence due to its volume and dispersal. In those cases, a sample is selected to evaluate against the audit criteria and help develop the audit conclusion. The risk is that the sample may not be representative of the total set of people, documents, practices, and records being assessed. As a result, the audit conclusion may be different than if the auditor had examined the whole population. So, we may over-audit by taking samples that are too large and waste time and resources....

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Atlanta 2013 Classes

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Larry Whittington will be teaching RABQSA-certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor classes in Atlanta on these dates in 2013: February 4-7 March 25-28 April 22-25 June 24-27 July 22-25 August 26-29 September 16-19 October 15-18 December 2-5 These classes will be held at the Country Inn & Suites in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA. Our special room rate is $86.00. To enroll in a class, go to this web page and scroll past the course description to see the class schedule. If you have any questions, please call Larry Whittington at 770-517-7944, or...

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