New ISO 9001:2015 Definitions

The committee draft of ISO 9001:2015 includes terms from Annex SL that are to be used for all new or revised management system standards. They were included in the draft ISO 9001 standard to assist its reviewers.  There is no agreement to keep these terms in ISO 9001. They will likely be moved to the ISO 9000 Fundamentals and Vocabulary standard.

Unchanged Definitions

Some of the ISO 9001:2015 definitions match those in the current ISO 9000: Requirement, Top Management, Effectiveness, Process, Audit, Conformity, Nonconformity, and Correction.

Revised Definitions

Some definitions have been revised compared to those in ISO 9000: Organization, Interested Party, Management System, Competence, Corrective Action, and Continual Improvement.

New Definitions

The following defined terms in ISO 9001:2015 are not in the current ISO 9000 standard.

Policy: intentions and direction of an organization as formally expressed by its top management.

Objective: result to be achieved.

Risk: effect of uncertainty.

Documented Information:  information required to be controlled and maintained by an organization and the medium on which it is contained.

Performance: measurable result.

Outsource (verb): make an arrangement where an external organization performs part of an organization’s function or process.

Monitoring: determining the status of a system, a process, or an activity.

Measurement: process to determine a value.