January, 2014 Newsletter Articles

ASQ Quality Research

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For the past year, the American Society for Quality (ASQ) has developed, gathered, and analyzed survey results, data, information, and personal interviews from organizations in more than 22 countries. This effort has culminated in the seven reports described below. According to ASQ, each report is packed with valuable information for any organization. All the reports are free to ASQ members. Non-members can receive two of the reports for free. They must pay $29 to $49 for each of the remaining five reports. ASQ Global State of Quality...

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Measurements Course

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We have published articles on performance measurements. You can see a partial list at the end of this article. We are now pleased to offer a new 2-day course, “Measuring Process and Organizational Performance”. Course Description: A key aspect of organizational performance management is selecting, defining, collecting data on, monitoring, and responding to performance metrics. However, it is important that the right ones be selected, tracked, and responded to. This workshop will present a process for selecting what to measure, how...

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Papers on Auditing

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The ISO 9001 Auditing Practices Group is an informal group of quality management system experts, auditors, and practitioners drawn from the ISO Technical Committee 176 and the International Accreditation Forum. It has developed a number of brief guidance papers that contain explanations about the auditing of quality management systems. These papers reflect the process-based approach that is essential for auditing the requirements of ISO 9001. The International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) has selected some of these audit guidance...

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ISO Certificate Survey

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ISO has released the results of its annual survey of certifications. The summary below shows the number of worldwide certificates issued for seven of the management system standards, along with the USA totals. ISO 9001 (Quality) Certificates in 2012 = 1,101,272 (USA = 26,177) Certificates in 2011 = 1,079,647 (USA = 25,811) Increase = +21,625 (USA = +366) Percentage = +2% (USA = +1%) ISO 14001 (Environment) Certificates in 2012 = 285,844 (USA = 5,699) Certificates in 2011 = 261,957 (USA = 4,957) Increase = +23,887 (USA = +742) Percentage =...

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ISO 9001:2015 Survey

Jan 1, 2014 in Newsletter | Comments Off on ISO 9001:2015 Survey

The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) conducted a survey of its members on the Committee Draft of ISO 9001:2015. This major revision of ISO 9001 is planned for publication in late 2015, and is expected to significantly impact certification bodies, training firms, and certified businesses, and of course, auditors. The CQI survey was conducted to determine which elements their members liked, viewed as a cause for concern, and those with which they disagreed. The INform magazine summarized the more than 1,400 responses into the following...

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