Cyber Warfare

Cyber threats continue to plague governments and businesses around the world. These threats are on the rise as cyber criminals increase their focus and know-how. The problem demands an international solution. ISO 27001 provides a management framework for assessing and treating risks (whether cyber-oriented or otherwise) that can damage business, governments, and even a national infrastructure.

Information security incidents are on the rise as cyber criminals increase their focus on both large and small businesses. The 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey revealed that attacks against small businesses have increased by 10 % in the past year, costing up to 6 % of their revenue.

The threat landscape of mobile security is moving at a very rapid pace. Mobile hackers are on the prowl, cooperating with cyber criminals to pass on stolen private and business information. What’s more, threats in the mobile landscape are becoming smarter and targeting mobile devices. According to a 2013 fraud research report, identity fraud incidents in 2012 increased by more than one million victims and fraudsters stole more than $21 billion.

More organizations are embracing online opportunities to promote their business and solidify their position in the marketplace through the use of mobile devices and apps, not to mention social networking sites. In so doing, these companies are magnifying the number and sophistication of threats targeted at them. Today’s companies should protect themselves by implementing the ISO 27001 standard.

Used internationally since 2005, ISO 27001 has helped thousands of organizations boost their information security. The popular standard is now available in a new and improved version – ISO 27001:2013. This second edition takes into account past user experiences, improvements in security controls for today’s IT environment (namely identity theft, risks related to mobile devices, and other online vulnerabilities), and aligns with other management system standards.

ISO 27001 has become synonymous with information security. It has been an outstanding success in the business community, reaching out to provide protection and benefits to organizations across all sectors, regardless of size and nature of business.

Note: This article is an edited version of an article titled “The New Cyber Warfare” that appeared in the November-December 2013 issue of the ISOfocus magazine.

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