ISO 9001:2015, 9.1.2

This article provides a summary of the Customer Satisfaction requirements as stated in the recently published Draft International Standard (DIS) version of ISO 9001:2015. The DIS customer satisfaction differences from ISO 9001:2008 are also identified.

ISO/DIS 9001:2015 Summary

 9.1.2 Customer Satisfaction

  • Monitor customer perceptions of degree to which requirements have been met
  • Obtain information on customer views and opinions of the organization and its products and services
  • Determine methods for obtaining and using this information

Note: Information related to customer views can include customer satisfaction or opinion surveys, customer data on delivered products or services quality, market-share analysis, compliments, warranty claims, and dealer reports.

Further customer satisfaction changes may be introduced in the FDIS version, as well as, the final published version of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Changes from ISO 9001:2008

1. Clause Numbers

The Customer Satisfaction requirements of the draft standard are now stated in clause 9.1.2, instead of clause 8.2.1 as in ISO 9001:2008. The draft standard has adopted the new clause structure required for all new and revised management system standards, which places Customer Satisfaction under clause 9, Performance Evaluation.

2. Performance Measurement

Clause 8.2.1 of ISO 9001:2008 states that customer satisfaction is one of the performance measurements of the quality management system. Clause 9.1.2 has dropped that statement. The new clause 9.3.1 on Management Review now includes customer satisfaction as one of the quality performance items to be considered.

3. Views and Opinions

A new requirement in clause 9.1.2 is to obtain information relating to customer views and opinions of the organization and its products and services.

4. Views versus Perception

The Note in new clause 9.1.2 refers to customer “views” instead of customer “perception” as expressed in the Note at old clause 8.2.1.

5. Information Sources
The information sources in the Note at clause 9.1.2 continue to include customer satisfaction surveys, compliments, warranty claims, and dealer reports.
The changed sources are opinion surveys (instead of “user” opinion surveys), customer data on delivered products and “services” quality, and market-share analysis (instead of lost business analysis).