Service PPAP

Developed to address the specific requirements of service part production, the new AIAG Service Production Part Approval Process (Service PPAP) is a supplement to the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) 4th edition.

Service PPAP identifies requirements and provides clarification for the PPAP process for service unique parts, including remanufactured parts, service unique chemicals, third party packagers, and service software requirements.

Service PPAP is intended to provide evidence that all customer engineering design record and specification requirements are properly understood by the service part supplier and that their manufacturing process has the potential to produce product consistently, while meeting these requirements during the production of service parts.

According to AIAG, the Service PPAP:

  • Addresses PPAP expectations for serviceable components vs. top level assemblies
  • Ensures understanding of service unique PPAP requirements for low volume service vs. production parts
  • Helps extend Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) to service part processing
  • Ensures adequate visual aids and operator instructions are prepared for service processing, including routing, inspection, packaging, and labeling

The Service PPAP document is a supplement to Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) 4th edition. It identifies PPAP requirements for all service parts. These requirements are intended to be clarifications to the PPAP process for service parts and not additional requirements.

To order a copy, go to this web page at the AIAG web site. You can request hardcopy or e-document versions.