ISO/DIS 14001:2015, Clause 7

7 Support
7.1 Resources

No additions to the Annex SL text for resources.

7.2 Competence
No additions to the Annex SL text for competence.

7.3 Awareness
The only ISO/DIS 14001:2015 addition to this clause is that persons doing work under the organization’s control must be aware of the significant environmental aspects and related actual or potential impacts associated with their work. These persons must also be aware of the implications of not conforming with the environmental management system requirements, including compliance obligations.

7.4 Communication
The ISO/DIS 14001:2015 standard has expanded this Communication clause into three sub-clauses.

7.4.1 General
The draft standard adds that when planning its communications process, the organization must take into account its compliance obligations, and ensure that reliable environmental information is communicated consistent with the information generated by its environmental management system.

The organization must also respond to relevant communications on its environmental management system and retain documented information as evidence of its communications.

7.4.2 Internal Communication
ISO/DIS 14001:2015 adds that the organization must communicate among its various levels and functions any changes to the environmental management system. The draft standard also states that the organization must ensure its communication process enables any person doing work under its control to contribute to continual improvement.

7.4.3 External Communication
ISO/DIS 14001:2015 adds that the organization must externally communicate information relevant to the environmental management system as determined by its communication process and as required by its compliance obligations.

7.5 Documented Information
7.5.1 General
7.5.2 Creating and Updating
7.5.3 Control of Documented Information

There are no additions to the Annex SL text for these three sub-clauses on documented information.