ISO/DIS 9001:2015, Clause 0.2

A new sub-clause, “The ISO Standards for Quality Management” has been added to the Introduction to the ISO 9001:2015 draft standard. It provides an overview of the three core quality management system standards:

ISO 9000 – Fundamentals and Vocabulary

  • Essential background for understanding ISO 9001
  • Key terms and their definitions
  • Quality Management Principles (QMPs)

The quality management principles form the foundation of ISO 9001. An outline of the QMPs is provided in ISO 9001 Annex B.

ISO 9001 – Requirements

  • Confidence in products and services
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved internal communication
  • Better process understanding and control
  • Reduction in defects and waste

ISO 9004 – Managing for the Sustained Success of an Organization

  • Guidance to go beyond ISO 9001 requirements
  • Continual improvement of overall performance
  • Evaluation of quality management system maturity level
  • Guidance on self-assessment methodology

The ISO 10000 series of standards support implementing a quality management system and are listed in Annex C of ISO 9001:

ISO 10001 – Customer Satisfaction – Guidelines for Codes of Conduct
ISO 10002 – Customer Satisfaction – Guidelines for Handling Complaints
ISO 10003 – Customer Satisfaction – Guidelines for External Dispute Resolution
ISO 10004 – Guidelines for Monitoring and Measuring Customer Satisfaction
ISO 10005 – Guidelines for Quality Plans
ISO 10006 – Guidelines for Quality Management in Projects
ISO 10007 – Guidelines for Configuration Management
ISO 10008 – Customer Satisfaction – Guidelines for Business-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce
ISO 10012 – Guidance for the Management of Measurement Processes
ISO/TR 10013 – Guidelines for Quality Management System Documentation
ISO 10014 – Guidelines for Realizing Financial and Economic Benefits
ISO 10015 – Guidelines for Training
ISO 10017 – Guidance on Statistical Techniques
ISO 10018 – Guidelines on People Involvement and Competence
ISO 10019 – Guidelines for the Selection of Quality Management System Consultants

Annex C also provides a relationship table to indicate how the ISO 9001 requirement clauses (4 – 10) relate to these ISO 10000 standards.