ISO 9001 to FDIS

The ISO 9001 Draft International Standard (DIS) was recently put to a vote according to ISO procedures and received nearly 90% approval, which allows it to progress to the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) stage.

Experts in the ISO subcommittee revising the standard will now go through all the comments received during the DIS vote in order to produce a final draft which will then be put forward for voting. Once approved, the standard can then be published.

The new fifth edition of ISO 9001 is expected by the end of 2015 and will feature some important changes. I’ve been highlighting these changes clause by clause in my recent newsletter articles.

Nigel Croft, Chair of the ISO subcommittee revising the standard, says “We are on the right track, and we are on schedule for publication.” He adds, “The new version is very strongly based on three basic core concepts: the process approach which was very successful in the 2008 version of the standard, superimposed on that system of processes is the plan-do-check act methodology, and a third core concept which is new in the 2015 version is risk based thinking, aiming at preventing undesirable outcomes.”

You can hear Dr. Nigel Croft talk about ISO 9001:2015 in this video clip.