Changes from FDIS to IS

The new ISO 9001:2015 standard has been published. You can order it from the ISO, ANSI, and ASQ websites.

At the present time, the lowest list price is at ISO (138 Swiss Francs, or $141). The ANSI member price is $138 and their list price is $173. The ASQ member and list prices are both $173.

The minor changes from ISO/FDIS 9001:2015 to the newly published ISO 9001:2015 are shown below:

0.3.2 Plan-Do-Check-Act

The Plan description has added “and identify and address risks and opportunities”.

Plan: establish the objectives of the system and its processes, and the resources needed to deliver results in accordance with customers’ requirements and the organization’s policies, and identify and address risks and opportunities;

5.2.1 Establishing the quality policy

The title of this sub-clause replaced the term “Determining” with “Establishing”.

6.1 Actions to address risks and opportunities

The NOTE in this untitled sub-clause 6.1.2 replaced “clients” with “customers”.

NOTE 2 Opportunities can lead to the adoption of new practices, launching new products, opening new markets, addressing new customers, building partnerships, using new technology and other desirable and viable possibilities to address the organization’s or its customers’ needs.

8.1 Operational planning and control

The term “keeping” has been replaced with “maintaining and retaining”.

e) determining, maintaining and retaining documented information to the extent necessary.

8.1 Operational planning and control

The NOTE on the term “keeping” has been dropped.

NOTE “Keeping” implies both the maintaining and the retaining of documented information.

8.2.3 Review of the requirements for products and services

The NOTE under this untitled sub-clause has removed “or advertising materials” from the end of the sentence.

NOTE In some situations, such as internet sales, a formal review is impractical for each order. Instead, the review can cover relevant product information, such as catalogues.

A.2 Products and services

The third sentence in this Annex has dropped “The term” at the beginning of the sentence.

“Products and services” include all output categories (hardware, services, software and processed materials).

A.7 Organizational knowledge

The opening sentence of this Annex has added “the operation of its processes”.

In 7.1.6, this International Standard addresses the need to determine and manage the knowledge maintained by the organization, to ensure the operation of its processes and that it can achieve conformity of products and services.


The Bibliography added a new entry at the end of the list.

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