IAF MD Series

The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) publishes Mandatory Documents which must be used by accreditation bodies when accrediting certification bodies to assure that they operate their programs in a consistent and equivalent manner.

Although for use by accreditation bodies and certification bodies, your organization may find some of these documents to be of interest.

For example, how would your organization qualify for a multi-site certificate? How is the audit sample calculated? See IAF MD1:2007 – Certification of Multiple Sites Based on Sampling.

What is the criteria for transferring your certification from one certification body to another certification body? See IAF MD2:2007 – Transfer of Accredited Certification of Management Systems.

How does an organization qualify for the advanced surveillance program and possibly reduce its number of audit days? See IAF MD 3:2008 – Advanced Surveillance and Recertification Procedures.

How can computer assisted audit techniques be used for remote auditing? See IAF MD 4:2008 – Use of Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques for Accredited Certification of Management Systems.

How are the audit days determined for certification, surveillance, and recertification audits? What are the factors for adjusting these durations? See IAF MD 5:2015 – Determination of Audit Time of Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

How is the audit duration calculated for an audit of an integrated management system? See IAF MD 11:2013 – IAF Mandatory Document for Application of ISO/IEC 17021 for Audits of Integrated Management Systems.

NOTE: The IAF is the world association of Conformity Assessment Accreditation Bodies and other bodies interested in conformity assessment in the fields of management systems, products, services, personnel and other similar programs of conformity assessment.

The primary function of the IAF is to develop a single worldwide program of conformity assessment which reduces risk for business and its customers by assuring them that accredited certificates may be relied upon. Accreditation assures users of the competence and impartiality of the body accredited.