ISO 9001:2015, 7.4

Previous newsletter articles have described the ISO 9001:2015 requirements and changes for Clause 8 – Operation, Clause 9 – Performance Evaluation, and Clause 10 – Improvement.

Our last two newsletters included articles on the requirements in Clause 7 Support for Resources (7.1) and Competence (7.2).

This article is on 7.4 Communication. Another article in this newsletter is about 7.3 Awareness.


Determine the internal and external communications relevant to the quality management system, including:

a) on what it will communicate;
b) when to communicate;
c) with whom to communicate;
d) how to communicate;
e) who communicates.


This clause replaces the old clause 5.5.3 on internal communication.
Requirement is more explicit: What, When, Whom, How, and Who.
Requirement has expanded to include “external” communication.
“Customer” communication was moved from old 7.2.3 to new 8.2.1.

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