Management Review Template

If you want a copy of a management review template for recording your meeting results, please send a request to

The template is a Word file. It includes clickable date fields for Review Date and Next Review, as well as, entries for the Chairperson and Recorder.

The main sections of the template are Attendees, Topics, and Minutes. The names of the regular Attendees are listed and you click on the box next to their name to indicate their attendance.

All the required Topics are listed with clickable boxes to indicate which topics were covered at the meeting. The Minutes section includes all the review inputs with space for recording the minutes and decisions. Each topic has fields for New Action, Assigned To, and Due Date.

The special section for the “status of actions from prior reviews” includes clickable boxes for Completed, Open, and Overdue. It has space for describing the action taken, plus fields for Assigned To, Original Due Date, and New Due Date.

The remainder of this article describes the Management Review requirements of ISO 9001:2015, as well as, identifies the changes from ISO 9001:2008.

9.3 Management Review

9.3.1 General

Review the quality management system (QMS) at planned intervals to ensure a suitable, adequate, and effective QMS and alignment with the strategic direction of the organization.

9.3.2 Management Review Inputs

Plan and carry out the management review considering:

a. status of actions from previous management reviews;
b. changes in external and internal issues relevant to QMS;
c. information on performance and effectiveness of the QMS, including trends in:

1. customer satisfaction and feedback from relevant interested parties;
2. extent to which quality objectives have been met;
3. process performance and product and service conformity;
4. nonconformities and corrective actions;
5. monitoring and measurement results;
6. audit results;
7. performance of external providers;

d. adequacy of resources;
e. effectiveness of actions taken to address risks and opportunities (see 6.1);
f. opportunities for improvement.

9.3.3 Management Review Outputs

Outputs from the management review must include decisions and actions related to:

a. opportunities for improvement;
b. any need for changes to the QMS;
c. resource needs.

Retain documented information as evidence of the results of management reviews.

Changes from ISO 9001:2008

  • Replaces old clause 5.6 on management review
  • Moves follow-up actions to top of review inputs
  • Adds review of issues and strategic direction
  • Adds focus on resources, performance, and trends
  • Adds input on actions to address risks
  • Adds specific “input” topic for quality objectives
  • Drops reference to preventive action
  • Revises customer feedback to be customer satisfaction
  • Adds feedback from relevant interested parties
  • Evidence now “results of” not “records from” review