ISO 14001:2005 Changes – Clause 5

5. Leadership

5.1 Changes – Leadership and Commitment

  • New clause on leadership and commitment
  • Identifies actions for top management’s personal involvement, direction, and support
  • Adds to ensure policy and objectives are compatible with “strategic direction”
  • Adds to ensure EMS requirements are integrated into business processes
  • Top management is critical to EMS success
  • May delegate some responsibilities, but still accountable to ensure they are performed
  • Adds to Annex SL that top management must take accountability for EMS effectiveness
  • Expect more top management questions from auditors
5.2 Changes – Policy
  • Replaces old clause 4.2 on policy
  • Adds environmental policy must be appropriate to purpose and context of organization
  • Use of “target” dropped; captured in “objective”
  • Adds NOTE on environmental commitments
  • Introduces new term “compliance obligations”
  • Adds to enhance environmental performance
  • Policy was to be made available to public; now must make it available to interested parties
5.3 Changes – Organizational Roles, Responsibilities, and Authorities
  • Replaces old clause 4.4.1 on resources, roles, responsibility, and authority
  • Resources are now covered in 7.1, Resources
  • Drops need for Management Representative
    (could retain for reporting on EMS performance)
  • Old duties can be spread among top managers
  • Registrars will still need a nominated contact